Cisco ASA-Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Firewall 5500 Series

In today‚Äôs world networks continue to grow, and attacks coming from both outside and inside networks. These threats can have serious negative effects, ranging from business disruption due to a network outage, financial risk resulting from information loss and loss of reputation. Using the world-class security and networking services provided by the Cisco ASA 5500 Series Firewall Edition a variety of risk factors are mitigated. The Cisco ASA is the logical continuation of the robust and well trusted Cisco PIX line of products .The Cisco ASA PIX continuation  is viewed in the security industry as an example of how the product line evolved into a truly complete solution from humble beginnings


Firewalls are the first line of defense in any organization's network security infrastructure. The purpose of the Cisco ASA Security Appliance is to slow down attackers and force them into a bottleneck and give time to the security administrators to mitigate the risk. This is usually achieved by introducing the Cisco ASA  Appliance filters rules called access lists that governs the network access rights for each access attempt, be it from outside to inside, or the opposite. When allowed legitimate traffic is matched  the Cisco ASA security firewall allows the traffic to flow through the network to its desired destination. Unauthorized traffic is generally blocked by default on the Cisco as a firewall and the connection is denied. This kind of access denial is intermittently built into the system by automatically denying certain traffic traverse the Cisco ASA appliance using a technology called network address translation or more commonly know  as  Cisco ASA nat.

A typical Cisco ASA configuration and Cisco ASA setup prevents unauthorized access to internal and external networks; firewalls enhanced with layer 7 (application-level) inspection engines examine, and verify application types at Layer 7 to make sure unwanted or malicious application traffic doesn't traverse the network. Given these capabilities, the firewall can enforce endpoint user security registration and authentication and provide administrative control over the use of a variety of applications. More information in regards to specific Cisco ASA configuration guides ,Cisco ASA howto's and specific Cisco ASA commands are available on demand and are part of the Security Solutions Services portfolio .


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