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Firewall's are the first line of defense in any organization's network security infrastructure. The purpose of the Cisco PIX Security Appliance is to slow down attackers and force them into a bottleneck and give time to the security administrators to mitigate the risk. This is usually achieved by introducing the Cisco PIX  Appliance filters rules called access lists that governs the network access rights for each access attempt, be it from outside to inside, or the opposite. When allowed legitimate traffic is matched  the Cisco PIX security firewall allows the traffic to flow through the network to its desired destination. Unauthorized traffic is generally blocked by default on the Cisco PIX firewall and the connection is denied. This kind of access denial is intermittently built into the system by automatically denying certain traffic traverse the Cisco PIX appliance using a technology called network address translation or security levels traversing.


Event after 4 years of End of Sale end of life cisco PIX line of products is still very much alive .For all the customers that require a robust and simple solution that works we are offering the bellow services.


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