Summary - What is Internet Security and Network Security?


Internet security is a branch of computer security associated with the Internet. Its objective is to protect against attacks originating from the Internet. The Internet represents an unsafe channel for exchanging information leading to a variety of risk factors suck as of networking intrusions or fraud phishing denial of service etc. Different methods have been used to protect the transfer of data, including vpn encryption proxy servers etc. etc.

Network Security is the practice of using technology people and procedures in an effort to secure the network from any unauthorizied breaches and any attempts to bring the enterprises assets into risk and exposure.A list of identified threats to the network and some possible solutions are identified bellow and are worth looking at .


Summary - What is Information security?



Information security is the process of protecting information. It protects its availability, privacy and integrity. More companies store business and individual information on computer than ever before. Much of the information stored is confidential and not meant to be for public access.

Without computer stored data, it would often be very hard for a business maintain its normal operations. Information security systems need to be implemented to protect this information


Holistic Approach to Achieving Internet Security And Information Security !



Effective information security and internet security systems incorporate a range of policies, security products, technologies and procedures. Software applications which provide firewall protection information security and virus scanners are not enough on their own to protect the company’s assets and data. A set of procedures and systems needs to be applied to effectively deter access to information.

By employing the correct blend of technology procedures and expertise a holistic defense against information loss and internet security can be achieved.
Security Solutions strives to achieve protection against commonly known threats identified bellow trough these principles technologies and smart security designs.


► Internet Threats Due of the increased online access to Web-enabled applications and services the businesses risk anywhere web proxies to simplify and secure internet access can be achieved using Cisco Iron Port web proxy

► Disappearing network perimeter — The conventional network barriers that separated “inside” from “outside” zones is rapidly disappearing. As more applications become published online and are accessible to remotely connected users, the concept of the network perimeter becomes ever so difficult to control and protect. Utilizing Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance or Cisco ASA the network perimeter can be securely protected from an ever increasing avalanche of security threats

► Evolving threats — the evolution of network attacks is always progressing .In the past attacks were more symbolic and driven by opportunistic and amateurish attackers today’s attacks in contrast are a profit-driven business, often orchestrated by sinister interests of organized and highly motivated criminal enterprises . The modern attacker uses a variety of newly adapted techniques and practices to target not only the weakest link in every organization the human factor but the overall security infrastructure as a whole. Utilizing Cisco Intrusion Prevention Systems or Cisco IPS can help alleviate the uncertainty of  0 day threats etc

► Social engineering – Fraudulent and malicious manipulation of people are always hard at work in order to divulge potentially damaging or protected information about an organization. Cisco Monitoring Analysis Response System or Cisco MARS  can help recognize report and alert upon such attempts thus providing the vital clues and information in the battle against Social Engineering threats .

► Denial of service attacks – Targeted deprivation of service or resource usually available to users and organizations.Csico IPS solution would help in those scenarios where the normal firewall will allow the traffic as valid but that extra bit is required in order to differentiate between Denial of Service TRaffic versus normal operations traffic.

► Data theft and interception - Is the act of loosing information about the operations and activities of company’s trough fraudulent activities like communication interception and or data theft. MacAfee Data Loss prevention suite can help thwart the progress of such security breaches

► Viruses, Malware, Worms and Trojan Horses – A variety of software based threats that can be utilized by attackers in order to gain unauthorized access disrupt normal business activity or maliciously compromise hosts to their advantage. A combination of Cisco ASA firewall and Cisco IPS can seriously undermine the activity of the above thus preventing critical systems from being offline for indeterminate amounts of time.



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