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Cisco ACS and Related Switch Configs

  1. Detailed Cisco ACS 5.2 installation and configuration example with print screens
  2. Cisco-ACS-5.2-802.1.x-Authentication-And-Multi-Domain-Authentication-Configuration-Example
  3. Cisco-ACS-5.2-Role-Based-Authentication-Authorization-For-Different-Privilege-Levels-Configuration-Example
  4. Cisco ACS 5.2-Virtual-Machine-VMware-Workstation-Installation-Guide
  5. Cisco-ACS-5.2-Intresting-Configurations
  6. Cisco ACS best Practices document
  7. Cisco TACACS+ switch template configuration example.
  8. Cisco TACACS + firewall template configuration example.
  9. Cisco ACS typical 802.1.x Configuration example Gui print screens.
  10. Cisco ACS 5.2 and Active Directory Integration document
  11. Detailed Cisco ACS 4.2 installation and configuration with print screens
  12. Detailed migration procedure of Cisco ACS 3.3 software version to Cisco ACS 4.2
  13. Detailed migration procedure of Cisco ACS 4.2 software version to Cisco Appliance ACS 5.2
  14. Cisco-CSACS-1113-SE-4.2-RSA-Authentication-Manager-Integration-Configuration-Example
  15. Cisco ACS 4.2 Remote Agent and concept and configuration example.
  16. Cisco 802.1.x concepts and theory presentation.
  17. Cisco-Acs-4.2-Unkown-User-Policy-And-Windows-AD-Integration-Authentication-Example
  18. RDBMS synchronization in Cisco secure ACS version 3.3
  19. Creating a Support Bundle in ACS 5.X for troubleshooting
  20. Backing up Cisco ACS 5.2 database using CLI
  21. Cisco ACS 4.2 Database Replication Partners configuration example.


Cisco ASA and Related Configs


  1. Cisco ASA Best Practices and Security Hardening Document.
  2. Best Cisco ASA security security configuration examples.
  3. Cisco ASA Security Troubleshooting Best Practices Document.
  4. Cisco Natting Examples prior version 8.3
  5. Cisco Natting Examples after version 8.3
  6. CISCO-ASA-5520-configuration-example
  7. Cisco NAT order of operation
  8. Cisco ASA Botnet Configuration
  9. Cisco ASA Best Features Configuration Examples
  10.  WCCP configuration on Cisco ASA
  11. ASA upgrade notes to 8.3
  12. Cisco ASA traffic shaping and QoS
  13. Cisco ASA policy Based routing alternative
  14. Cisco ASA Etherchanneling
  15. Cisco ASA Redundant interfaces
  16. LDAP authentication for VPN clients on Cisco ASA
  17. Configuring Netflow on cisco ASA
  18. Shunning ip addresses on Cisco ASA



Cisco FWSM and Related Configs

  1. FWSM initial configuration switch side and firewall side configuration examples
  2. FWSM Failover configuration example:typical firewall failover configuration
  3. FWSM version upgrade configuration example
  4. FWSM translation exception configuration example:bypass all natting trough the firewall
  5. Firewall VSS mode configuration and configuration notes
  6. Firewall and asymmetric routing
  7. Cisco FWSM Console Cable Installation
  8. Cisco FWSM Network Processor Explanation

Cisco VPN and Related Configs

  1. Cisco-vpn-ipsec-configuration-example
  2. Cisco Site to site or network to network vpn lan tunnel configuration example
  3. VPN tunnel password recovery as well as Site to Site shared secret password recovery
  4. Cisco any connect faq
  5. Cisco ASA: 8.3 Nat Exemption Example - Basic L2L VPN and Basic RA VPN
  6. Most Common L2L and Remote Access IPsec VPN Troubleshooting Solutions
  7. Cisco ASA ASA: 8.3 Nat U-turn Example - RA VPN Client traffic
  8. Cisco IP Phone Anyconnect VPN to IOS
  9. Cisco VPN Client FAQ
  10. Cisco VPN Dead Peer Detection
  11. How to configure the Cisco VPN client for automatic VPN initiation
  12. Understanding Cisco ASA IPSec and IKE debugs - IKEv1 Aggressive Mode
  13. WWAN / Mobile 3G Card Compatibility Issues with CISCO IPSec VPN Client for Microsoft Windows

Cisco IPS and Related Configs

  1. Cisco-ids-ips-aip-idsm-configuration-examples
  2. Event Action Override configuration example: used to override specific signatures from their default actions


Password Recovery Documents for Csico Security's Products


      1. Cisco AIRONET wifi password recovery procedure
      2. Cisco IDS password recovery
      3. Cisco IDSM1 IDSM2 password recovery
      4. Cisco PIX password recovery
      5. Cisco MARS password recovery
      6. Cisco ACS Password recovery
      7. Cisco 2800 RouterPassword recovery
      8. Cisco ASA Password recovery
      9. Csico FWSM Password recovery

Hardening guides and PCI standard for Cisco Security Listed Products


    1. Hardening Cisco IOS
    2. Network Security Checklist Cisco Infrastructure Router
    3. Network Security Checklist Cisco Layer 3 Infrastructure Switch
    4. Network Security Checklist Cisco Layer 3 Perimeter Switch
    5. Network Security Checklist Cisco Perimeter Router
    6. Network Security Checklist Firewall
    7. Network Security Checklist General Infrastructure Router
    8. Network Security Checklist General Layer 3 Infrastructure Switch
    9. Network Security Checklist General Layer 3 Perimeter Switch
    10. Network Security Checklist General Perimeter Router
    11. Network Security Checklist IDS
    12. Network Security Checklist Layer 2 Switch
    13. Network Security Checklist Network Policy
    14. Network Security Checklist Other Devices
    15. PCI Security standard
    16. Prioritized_Approach_PCI_DSS_1_2
    17. Windows 2003 Member Server Hardening Document


Cisco Security Recommended reading and Cisco White Papers


    1. Cisco ACS 5.x common_Scenarios Using Cisco ACS.
    2. Cisco ACS Network Access Restrictions.
    3. Cisco ASA 5500 White Paper.
    4. Cisco IPS Vulnerability-Focused Threat Detection Protect Against the Unknown.
    5. Cisco IRON PORT Industry Overview Retail_Solutions.
    6. Cisco IRON PORT_Email_Security_Appliance_Whitepaper.
    7. Cisco MARS Security Management Centre Data Sheet.
    8. Cisco Network Admission Control Help Customers.
    9. Cisco Nnetwork Security Best Practice Security Policy.
    10. Cisco Network Time Protocol Best Practices White Paper.
    11. Cisco Performance Management Best Practice White Paper.
    12. Cisco Secure WLAN At A Glance.
    13. Cisco Secure WLAN Best Practices White Paper.
    14. Cisco Security Comparing Converged and Dedicated Security Appliances white paper.
    15. Cisco Security Configuration Management Best Practices White Paper.
    16. Cisco Security Deploying IEEE 802.1x Technology with Cisco Integrated Services.
    17. Cisco Security Disaster Recovery Best Practices White Paper.
    18. Cisco Security FWSM White Paper.
    19. Cisco Security Lifecycle Services White Paper.
    20. Cisco Security Network Management System Best Practices White Paper.
    21. Cisco Security Ssl VPN ASA.
    22. Cisco Virtual Office 802.1x-Based Port Authentication.
    23. Cisco vlan Security best practice.
    24. Cisco vpn Remote-Access VPNs Business Productivity, Deployment, and Security Considerations.
    25. Cisco Zero Downtime Upgrade Cisco ASA 5500 Series.



Wirless Security Recommended Reading



    1. Cisco Security Five Steps To Securing Your Wireless LAN White Paper
    2. Cisco Wireless Network Security Typical deployment
    3. Cisco Solution Wireless Security overeview




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However what they are not great at doing is summarizing and simplifying certain common tasks and scenarios in order to enable anyone out there looking to achieve a simple task without reading trough hundreds of pages of documentation .Cisco doesn’t believe in shortcuts and quick fixes they want you to know things in depth and are not intentionally going lower their standards and compromise the integrity of the information provided.
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