We Provide Cisco Security Services and Solutions based on the Cisco Smart Design Approach




Smart Designs :these are pre-configured solutions that enable us to offer a leading edge technology to the market using best-practices, security methodologies in order to deliver a consistent end-user experience.




Cisco Network Services and Solutions


Self Defending Network - an Innovative Approach to IT Security


Adaptive ,Integrated, and Collaborative Security Solutions








Enabling every element to be a point of defense and policy enforcement.






Proactive security technologies that automatically prevent threats






Collaboration among network services & devices to thwart attacks.

Integrated Approach : The reason why our solutions are better is because of utilizing integrated security technologies that combines every component in the network incorporates security technologies and acts as a point of defense and policy enforcement.

Adaptive approach : is Another way of ensuring a holistic network security strategy is having security infrastructure be adaptive and proactives Suspicious network behavior is recognized and normalized according to specified baselines of normality thus a wide variety of new zero day attacks are prevented from doing any significant damage.

Collaborative approach : in security terms means that network components work together in order to to prevent attacks. Collaboration includes cooperation between the different network endpoints that compose the security perimeter range.

Security Posture Assessment Service



Provides a validation of how well the security architecture and designs have been implemented how well they perform in practice. These services include:

► Iidentification of current security vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure.
► Reduce the risk of intentional or accidental access to IT assets and information.
► Test current infrastructure security perimeter defense ensure that malevolent activity does not disrupt services.
► Proactively identify security vulnerabilities that can threaten your IT infrastructure.
► Achieve compliance with regulations.
► Reduce the time and resources needed to stay up to date with new and emerging vulnerabilities.
► Generate a security assessment report containing an analysis of security exposures to the network recommendations on how to improve or fix these problems using industry best practices and methodolgies.


Benefits and business problems that are addressed by our solutions.



  • Reduces the cost of dealing with malicious code attacks
  • Helps organisations to move away from reactive patch management to a proactive process
  • Introduces scalable and robust security architecture and provides fast return of investment
  • Should eliminate the zero-day attacks gap
  • Simplifies security information management
  • VPN IPSEC encryption solutions
  • Ssl VPN solution
  • End to end encryption of sensitive data between offices and sites
  • Security identity management
  • Security Information management 
  • Email and web security
  • By implementing our solutions the customer’s business and IT resources will be protected from threats on the Internet. The more layers of security installed, the more difficult it is for an attacker to gain unauthorized access, and the less exposure there is to the business.
  • Minimise liability, especially for or companies dealing with sensitive information. Making legal replications easier to deal with in case of data loss by ensuring that best step have been taken in terms of technology implemented.
  • Ensure business continuity through preventing network outage and down times especially effective for e-Business sites.
  • Control utilization of valuable company resources, such as bandwidth thus minimizing operating expenses.
  • By implementing the range of security appliances ROI is guaranteed and ease of usage of the technologies minimizes operational expenses

Customer specific configurations and adaptations



  • Creating  and designing security policy in accordance with organizations security stance
  • Cisco ASA configuration guides provided as per  customer requirement  tailored for their individual environments
  • Configuring Cisco ASA's in order to comply with micro designs
  • Upgrade any previously installed security platforms to Cisco ASA or Cisco PIX based solution
  • Cisco ASA upgrades  to the latest available code running from Cisco provided in order to make sure that the solution is up to date
  • Complete Cisco ASA guides and technical documentation at end of a project cycle is provided to complement a complete solution
  • Competitive Cisco ASA  pricing  and quotes provided by our trained professionals as part of the sales cycle


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