Security Information management - Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System

Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System

Even the best security architecture is worthless without having proper visibility into its operations. Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System (MARS) is a security event management system that provides monitoring and analysis for security and network devices from Cisco and other vendors. Key features of MARS include:

  • Network topology discovery
  • Cisco IPS signatures automatic update, for up to the latest threat, reporting, on the environment
  • Provides awareness of network and security anomalies by using NetFlow and syslog
  • Delivers audit compliance reports with hundreds of preconfigured out of the box reports.
  • Makes precise recommendations for threat mitigation, including the ability to visualize the attack path and identify the source of the threat with detailed topological graphs that simplify security response at Layer 2 and Layer 3
  • Security event correlation rules coming preconfigured with the mars and utilizing the events incoming from the configured
  • security devices like firewalls, intrusion prevention system (IPS) antivirus systems as well as Identity management systems

    Due to the fact that Cisco has discontinued the CS-MARS line of products Security Solutions only provides the listed bellow professional services :

    We provides the following Cisco MARS services


    Provide Security reporting across all supported devices.

    Upgrading to the latest CS-MARS version 6.1 .

    Cisco MARS system recovery .

    Maintain compliance status with the required reports.

    Mitigation of threats based on the reports intelligence.

    Forensic investigations into incidents and events.


    To get a free assessment and recommendations on how to optimize your current Cisco MARS solution contact us here


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