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The sheer volume of security threats introduced by web traffic has reached epidemic dimensions. Traditional firewalls and security filters are inadequate against a variety of web-based malware, leaving corporate networks exposed to the inherent danger introduced by these threats.

Web traffic also exposes the corporate network to a variety of risks introduced by web miss-use. The Cisco-IronPort S-Series web security appliance is the industry's first and only secure web gateway to combine traditional URL filtering, reputation filtering, malware filtering and data security on a single platform to address these risks.

By combining innovative technologies, the Cisco IronPort S-Series helps organizations address the growing challenges of both securing and controlling web traffic.

Cisco IronPort email security appliances

are easy-to-deploy solutions that defend your email system against spam, viruses, phishing, and a wide variety of other threats. In use at eight of the ten largest ISPs and more than 40 percent of the world's largest enterprises, these systems have a demonstrated record of unparalleled performance, accuracy and reliability.

Cisco IronPort email security appliances protect enterprises of all sizes – the same code base that power our most sophisticated customers is used in the entire product family. By reducing the downtime associated with email-borne malware, these products simplify the administration of corporate mail systems and reduce the burden on technical staff, while offering insight into mail system operation.

Cisco IronPort Web Proxy server security appliances


A web proxy server accepts incoming connections destined to the web and acts as an intermidiary betwen the clients and the wirld wide web.Cisco IronPort Web Proxy Server Security Appliances help enterprises secure and control internet traffic by offering multiple layers of malware defense on a single, integrated appliance. These layers of defense include Cisco IronPort Web Reputation Filters, multiple anti-malware scanning engines, and the Layer 4 Traffic Monitor, which detects non-port 80 malware activity. The Cisco IronPort S-Series is also capable of intelligent HTTPS decryption, so that all associated security and access policies can be applied to encrypted traffic.


A web proxy is the foundation for security by mitigating one of the biggst exposure to risk in an organization namely the unrestricted internet access . It allows for comprehensive content analysis, which is critical to accurately detect devious and rapidly mutating web-based malware. Powered by the proprietary Cisco IronPort AsyncOS operating system, the web proxy includes an enterprise-grade cache file system. This system efficiently returns cached web content through intelligent memory, disk, and kernel management-easily ensuring high performance and throughput for even the largest of networks.




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